Toddler Taught to Curse Worse than a Sailor (Video)

child cursing for men

There are no words for what you’re about to see.  This is one of the worst things you will witness this year, if you haven’t already.

The child you see in the picture is sitting on a man’s lap while she spouts this awful diatribe of what she would do to somebody and to the police.

All of her words are “B” this and “H” this and she takes it up to “MF”.  I wish someone would bring this video to Michael Baisden and George Wilborn’s attention.

This would not go over well.  They can get the word out to social services because the video even shows the man’s face briefly. 

The idea that someone would let their, possibly, 2-year old baby defile herself in this way is without question a form of child abuse.  He needs to be strung up and stoned in a public square.  When do we demand better for our children?  When do we say enough is enough?  This is the black community’s fathers?   These men are laughing their heads off too.

Please comment today.  We need to know what you think and if there’s any way we can get social service on their doorstep tomorrow?   This is one of those moments that makes you want to give Bill Cosby the Nobel Peace Prize … sheesh! WATCH!

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