Authentic Leonardo Da Vinci Painting Discovered?

da vinci mona lisa

An art dealer went looking for new art to collect and ended up with something old..500 years old.   He said he didn’t know for sure, but the painting looked to him to be an authentic Leonardo Da Vinci.  A Leonardo Da Vinci that he was able to buy in a New York gallery for only  $19,000. 

The painting, if authenticated to truly be Da Vinci, will gain him a pay day of a lifetime of over $100 million dollars.  According to ABC, Canadian-born art collector Peter Silverman bought the piece, “Profile of the Bella Principessa,” and said on Good Morning America, “When I saw it my heart beat a million miles a minute. I thought of Leonardo, but I dared not pronounce the name.”

This painting is like a winning lottery ticket for the art collector.  It is truly a gift that could possibly keep on giving.  Who WOULDN’T want him shopping for them a painting now?  He should see more business than ever before now.

Read the bizarre details about how they will go about authenticating the picture here.

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