The First Lady Now Available As An Action Figure (Photos)

Michelle Obama action figures
Michelle Obama action figures

*From Jailbreak Toys comes the Michelle Obama action figure, complete with toned arms and three different sleeveless dresses to show them off, reports

“Batman has nothing on Michelle Obama,” Manhattan mom Eileen Ramos told the paper. “I bought the Barack figure last year but I think Michelle is the one with the real superpowers in the family.”

The figurines retail for $12.99 apiece and are due to hit stores on Nov. 20.

Check this out. Now, Michelle joins her hubby, the President, to for a White House action figure duo:


Jailbreak Toys says it has sold more than 200,000 of its President Obama action figures, and expects Mrs. Obama’s doll, which costs $13, to surpass those sales.

Jason Feinberg, creator of the toys, said more than 3,000 of the dolls had been sold in pre-release orders since August.

“I think it says that she’s extraordinarily popular, and people like her no matter what’s going on at the political level,” Feinberg, told the NY Daily News.

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  1. Little disappointed in the look of the doll. Michelle is tall, lean and elegant. This doll looks like a squat, wrestle Mania figurine in drag! And wouldn’t buy from a company called Jailbreak Toys, WTF?!

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