French Vogue Uses Black Face Instead of Black Women (Photo)

vogue black face

Okay, maybe there was some kind of language barrier between France and Italy’s Vogue magazine staffs, but in case someone missed the memo or translated improperly we need you to know this.

When the Italian Vogue came out it was completely filled with:  BLACK WOMEN!  It was a groundbreaking decision and people around the world were happy about it.

Note to French Vogue: The blackface routine is antiquated and has no place in our magazines of all places.  Women go to fashion magazines to get the fashion do’s and dont’s and they need to squash this edition.

If for no other reason than there is a  beautiful black woman unemployed somewhere on a modeling line out there … freezing … and cold … and hungry … because you told her skinny was perfect.

France was supposed to be more progressive than this.  A supermodel issue should have supermodels in it.  In case you didn’t know Vogue, supermodels come in all shapes and sizes and hues … hire some of them!

Check out the story here.

4 thoughts on “French Vogue Uses Black Face Instead of Black Women (Photo)”

  1. The French Vogue pictures are OFFENSIVE and proves that discrimination is ALIVE and WELL. I find discrimination has definitely RISEN since Obama’s election. I WILL NEVER pick up another Vogue magazine, does not matter what version. There are way too many BEAUTIFUL BLACK MODELS of many ethnicities that could have been used for this photo shoot. But instead of giving a person of color a chance, Vogue prefers to show the world they discriminate and are PROUD of it. SHAME ON VOGUE!!

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