Young African Inventor Makes Good with Garbage

Windmill maker William Kamkwamba
Windmill maker William Kamkwamba

In this scenario, one man’s garbage is truly another man’s treasure.  A 14-year old boy, William Kamkwamba of Malawi came up in “extreme poverty.”  He couldn’t go to school because of the school fees, so he interested himself in the trash that surrounded them.

Famine and sickness was all around him at all times and he managed to make something out of the garbage around them…electricity.  He invented a garbage windmill that would ultimately allow them to run lights in their huts and charge cell phones.

Kamkwamba is now 22, and is the founder and organizer of his own foundation, Moving Windmills.  He initially wanted to use his idea for the operation of  well pumps and now through his foundation he can see that dream realized.

See here for this fascinating young man’s story and invention.

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