Mike Tyson Revealed … on Oprah (Video)

oprah and mike tyson

Mike went really deep on Oprah yesterday.  All the things you may have thought of him in the past and was in denial about because he was your boxing hero have come out in this interview.

He talked about his life with Robin Givens and all the abuse, his conviction in jail, his drug use … it’s all in there.

But that interview stems from the new DVD “Tyson” which profiles his life as a horrid place until he met Cus D’amato.  Cus D’amato was his everything and after he left, so did his will to fight.  He is quite open and honest in the film.

But once, during the interview with Oprah he reveals that he is tired and wants to be happy and raise his babies.  He has six children and we all have heard about the tragedy he recently suffered when his four-year old daughter, Exodus, was somehow choked while unattended in a room.

He told Oprah he doesn’t want to know the details because that leaves room for guilt, which leaves room open for blame and he doesn’t want to travel down that road.

Check out the movie trailer here:

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