Is Christopher Columbus Losing His Holiday Status?


Columbus day celebrations seem a bit scaled down yesterday?  The Christopher Columbus reputation of folklore is subsiding as people are becoming smarter by the day.

The Internet along with more dedicated teachers that are not afraid of the truth have been enlightening kindergartners and college students alike.

Christopher Columbus day isn’t even celebrated in all states.  Some states choose to refrain from recognizing him.  According to the Associated Press, a class of kindergarteners in Pennsylvania actually charged Columbus with “misrepresenting the Spanish crown and thievery.”

He was found guilty, but at least they didn’t sentence him to the death that many Native Americans faced because of his “exploration.”  But they gave him Life.

The discussion of Columbus is much more honest and diversified in the classroom.  As the books get updated and the Internet populated with more information by the day, there’s no hiding the real story.

But there are still some naysayers that say that his heart was not sinister when “discovering” America.

Read here to see how the conversation and celebration of Columbus is changing.

2 thoughts on “Is Christopher Columbus Losing His Holiday Status?”

  1. It’s about time! There are soooo many untrue tales and cover-ups in American his-story that need to be unveiled to our youth. I hold no punches with my children. I feel it’s important to know history for what it is. Thx.

  2. Abolish that Holiday !. Christopher Columbus is a bloody evil genocidal pig-brained murderer. He enslaved and killed Native Americans !. The Vikings under the leadership of Leif Eriksson discovered Newfoundland in Canada 500 years before Christopher Columbus reached a few tiny islands in the Caribbean !. Chris does not deserved to be celebrated !.

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