Chris Rock’s ‘Good Hair’ Is Under Fire (Video)

oprah and chris rock fridays

Chris Rock probably expected that the sistahs were going to hire sharp shooters and private investigators to get at him after “Good Hair” dropped.

What do you expect when all the secrets have been exposed?  But!  The funny thing about it …  is black women helped expose themselves.  Chris didn’t hold a hand-less, one-eyed, one-armed technician that does hair with her feet to their heads.  They were happy and proud to give up the info, now it’s a problem.

One woman cornered Chris on Oprah’s “Friday’s Live” show and expressed why she was upset with the “trailer” (because of course, she hasn’t seen the movie).

She felt the movie (that she hasn’t seen) “belittled” and “degraded” black women.  She also feels that the flood gates have been opened to society to approach black women about their hair and its integrity.

Check her out:

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