Blaxploitation Is Back In Its Glory with ‘Black Dynamite’ (Video)

Michael Jai White as Black Dynamite
Michael Jai White is Black Dynamite

The blaxploitation era of the 70s was some of the most creative cinema ever known to the film industry.

A lot of the films, while overly dramatic, over acted and/or under budgeted, had thought provoking and/or relevant themes and content.

In fact, some of the films like:  “Three the Hard Way,” “The Spook Who Sat by the Door,” “Shaft” and others gave us heroes and “strong images of black men who protected the community rather than took from it.  We needed that then and we’re still desperately seeking our correct images now.

In Sunday’s Los Angeles Times, Michael Jai White (“Why Did I Get Married?” and “Spawn”) weighed in on the Blaxploitation film industry and how it helped him in creating his new film, “Black Dynamite,” opening this weekend.

“Dynamite” is a complete throwback to that era and it brings the serious and hilarious side of blaxploitation films back to the big screen.

Check out the trailer:

Get more info on “Black Dynamite” from Lee Bailey’s exclusive one-on-one interview with Michael Jai White in Wednesday’s EUR (

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