Swine Flu Overwhelms American Minorities


The latest swine flu epidemic hasn’t infected millions, but it has infected enough in the black and Hispanic community to cause alarm.  No one is aware of it, but these two ethnic groups are disproportionately dying and infected with the virus.  First there’s AIDS now this.  Why are the numbers so great in our communities? 

According to the New York Daily News, one explanation given is that low income families don’t have healthcare and avoid seeking doctor’s care until they need to go to an emergency room.  The CDC wrote a small report Sept. 4, that stated that the first 33 percent of U.S. fatalities were Hispanic.  The African American and Hispanic community altogether make up half of the H1N1 cases, representing more than the numbers represented in the population.  For instance, Boston reported 37 percent of their viruses were African American, yet African Americans make up only 25 percent of the city.

Read here for more cities and info.

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