Job Available if You Know Your Weed


A paper in Denver, Co., is looking for a good weed critic.  Can you imagine how many people are applying for THAT position?  The applicants keep coming and you can only imagine what their applications must look like, not to mention, their references and resume.

The editor of the Westword, Patricia Calhoun, explained to the New York Times that the position is actually for a reporter who would NOT be giving the blow-by-blow of their experience with purple haze, kush, hawaiian tie stick or choker gold (I obtained these names from journalistic research of course), but someone who would check out the havens where medical weed is dispensed to those with a marijuana card.

The kind of things Calhoun is looking for is:  Did the establishment follow the rules, how does the place look, is the selection of marijuana small or extensively varied, etc.  Nothing like, “Well, when me and my boy hit that ‘superman’, we really did become like super heroes. We jumped off the roof and landed in the kiddie pool and no one was hurt.  Now that might be because we soaked our bud in aspirin water before we smoked it.”

Read here to see if you might be qualified.

-J.C. Brooks

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