Detroit Too Broke To Bury Its Residents (Video)

dead bodies detroit

The city of Detroit is experiencing unusually hard times when the people can’t even find anyone to bury the dead.  The morgue is packed with bodies and no one can cover funeral costs.  Not only can’t the residents or family members find money to bury their loved one, the county has run out of money to bury them too.

At “67 and counting”, according to CNN that’s the overwhelming number that is alarming to the morgue’s staff.  In the 13 years that chief investigator for the morgue, Albert Samuels, has worked there, he’s never seen anything like it.

With funerals averaging $7,000 and people unable to pay for a cremation that can start at $700, the bodies will remain in the morgue for up to 5 years.  Someone get a note out to the President…Katrina it’s not, but Detroit needs assistance.  Check out the situation here:


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