Dishin’ Dirt on Chris Rock, Christina Milian, Chaka Khan and more…

What’s up y’all?  Here is the dirt…


Chaka Khan and Whitney Houston got beef.  According to the rumor mill, Chaka claims that she and Whit are no longer friends because when Whitney was getting high she ain’t want Chaka’s help in kicking her habit.  Mind you, Chaka was getting high up until somewhere in the 90’s so I’m sure she wasn’t trying to judge Whitney in any way.  I’m, just sayin’…


Side Bar-On the real Chaka, you ain’t watch the Oprah interview??  Whit said that when she was getting high that she ain’t leave her bedroom for days at a time so you know her high azz was not trying to talk to you.  Nuff said…



Over the weekend Christina Milian celebrated her birthday at Tao in Vegas.  Looking stunning as usual and showing off her baby bump, Chris made 28 look fabulous.  I hate I missed the party.  Everyday for two weeks up until her birthday, she talked about how excited she was about her birthday on her Facebook page

usher tameka

Word on the street is that Usher is prolonging his divorce from Tameka by not signing the divorce papers.  The terms of the divorce have been agreed upon for more than a month.  However, Usher still has not signed the papers.  Folks from Tameka’s camp seem to believe that this is a publicity stunt seeing that the first single from Usher’s new CD is called “Papers.”  Whatever the case, I don’t think folks are checkin’ for Usher like that no mo”…especially after that last album.  Nuff said…


My boyfriend (in my mind) Method Man was arrested for tax evasion on the 5th.  My boo said he ain’t pay his taxes because he has a bad memory.  All I’m sayin’ is that WEED is not your friend.  To all my young folks out there, please just say no.


Chris Rock is being sued for his documentary “Good Hair.”  According to the streets, Chris stole the idea from Regina Kimbell’s documentary “My Nappy Roots.”  Personally, I don’t think he stole the idea…but who am I??

That’s all the dirt for now.  Holla back…



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