Women Who Live As Property of Their Men…on Maury (Video)


The Devil announced last week that he has almost finished building a brand new, extra special wing in hell for Maury Povich and Jerry Springer.  These two have single handedly cornered the market on exploiting the illiterate of this country.  Have you seen this episode of Maury where he interviews women who live as slaves to their men?  It was new to us.

One woman–a black woman, ladies–shared that she has to brush her man’s teeth, cut his toenails, bathe him and sex him up three times per day.  And that’s just SOME of the tasks she’s responsible for along with being completely controlled.

This foolishness looks staged.  And these men are subjected to a boot camp of sorts that is run by a man (at least on the video that’s available to us) shows up out of nowhere.  You check it out and tell us what you think.  Real…not real?  That is the question.  Check it out:

One thought on “Women Who Live As Property of Their Men…on Maury (Video)”

  1. These ‘Bamas are just on the show for a free trip! I can’t imagine ANYONE in this day and age putting up with this bulls**t!!

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