Filmmaker Wages War On African American Souls (Video)


If the video you’re about to see doesn’t change your life, it will definitely change your mind and heart, but filmmaker Reggie Bullock is looking for your “soul.”

Mayor Larry Langford of Birmingham, Al., shared the film, “A War for Your Soul”, with city administrators and staff on March 3, to hopefully make a difference in the city’s management.

Little did he know that it would be shared with most cities across America and garner 1,000,000 online views.

The film along with the plea from Mayor Langford will remind you of your responsibility to your ancestors and help you to reach out to at least one black child today and embrace them…even if they’re your own.  The film reminds us of the sickness of the use of the N word, the death of not only Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr., but the demise of their struggles.

We’ve just seen, for our own eyes, the death of a vibrant soul in Chicago that was on his way to share the good news of our relentless struggle past negativity into greatness.  His voice was forever muffled.  We’ve seen Malcolm X’s grandson burn his grandmother, our Betty Shabazz, to death in her home.  We’ve seen Martin Luther King, Jr’s children squabble amongst each other over his FINANCIAL legacy.

Not even 50 years has gone by since the Civil Rights Act was signed and we overwhelmingly fill the jail cells.  We are not incarcerated from taking to the streets because the goverment reneged on the deal, we’re there because we don’t know our rights.  We’re there for not taking responsibility for our actions.  We bury our children over and over and over again, and not at the hands of whites anymore.  No, now we have taken over the privilege.

Check out Mr. Bullock’s film and go out and find a copy…and not a bootleg!  NO MORE BLACK ON BLACK CRIME … PLEASE!

-J.C. Brooks

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  1. This should be seen at every church, school, hall, every where. It is so right to the point, I wish every Black young men and young girl would see this video and really think about what they are doing today.

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