Awful Discovery Behind Foul Stench in South Dakota


Imagine you’re going out in the morning and the first thing you smell when you walk out your door is a stench fouler than rotting bodies.  That’s how you start your day.  That’s how you end your day.  When summer finally broke in the town of Bridgewater, SD., the odor managed to struggle up from the floor of a meat plant across town and bathe the entire town of 600 in an odor so foul, you’d consider moving.    The culprit…44 TONS OF ROTTING BISON MEAT.

Who knew that kosher bison meat could smell so foul?  According to the Associated Press, the owner of Bridgewater Quality Meats, Ilan Parente, abandoned the plant in January 2008, and moved his business to Dawson, Minn., under a different name.  The plant had electricity until December when they shut it down for non-payment which meant no freezers!  By Spring, the smell was on its way to every nook and cranny of the tiny city.

Read here for all the stinky details.

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