Dishin’ Dirt on Paul Rodriguez, 50 Cent, Kelly Rowland and more…

What’s up y’all?!  Here is the dirt…


Today I was sitting around shooting the breeze with some friends and we decided to play a game called “Whatever Happened To”?  After throwing around names like YouTube video of Kelly choking at Tuesday night’s MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Awards.  The girl SUCKED and blamed the producers of the show!  We all know that Kelly ain’t the best vocalist…alright, she is better than Ciara and Ashanti…but that means nothing.  AN-T-WAY, Kelly took to her Twitter page to “express” herself.  Check it out…

“OK. So, I’m at the MoBo’s and getting ready to have a GREAT show with David and the MoBo’s F’d my sound up!!!!! PISSED!!!!!”

“HONESTLY, that just makes me work harder! But, what I will say is the MoBo’s owe me an apology!!!! I was LIVID after the show!”

“I wanted you guys to be the 1st to hear it from me! reheasrsals. were fine. soundcheck. was fine. performance, wad a struggle at 1st. But, I got through it!!!!!!!! So-It happens! The next show will be Better!-TRUST!!!!!!!!!”


Criminals are getting dumber and dumber.  According to my sources, David Letterman was being harassed by an anonymous DUMMY who was trying to hustle David out of more than $2 million.  That fool told Letterman that he was going to tell the world about Letterman’s office flings unless David paid him the loot.  Well guess what…David stood before the grand jury and admitted that he plucked a few members of his staff. Hmmm…I’m guessing that the extortionist didn’t do take the time to find out if David cared about the news getting out.  Nuff said…


Why is 50 Cent running around calling Kanye West’s latest tour with Lady GaGa the Gay Tour?  Truth be told 50 really needs to chill with calling folks gay with those perfectly arched eyebrows and for a minute 50 was going back and forth to jail like he had a girlfriend he was going back to see.  All I’m saying is that folks need not throw stones…especially when they had a “celly”.  Nuff said…


Let’s pray for all of the sick and shut in.  On today’s list is Kayley Gable, the granddaughter of Clark Gable.  Word on the street is that she was found passed out in her Hollywood crib but instead of going to the hospital she opted to stay home claiming that she only had a panic attack.  Kayley please know that drugs are not your friend.  Nuff said…


Comedian Paul Rodriguez was rushed to the hospital in DC yesterday complaining of severe stomach pains, throwing up and diarrhea.  I ain’t no doctor but if you ask me it sounds like food poisoning to me.  Let’s pray his strength in the Lord.  Amen.

That’s all the dirt for now.  Holla back…



11 thoughts on “Dishin’ Dirt on Paul Rodriguez, 50 Cent, Kelly Rowland and more…”

  1. Think you’re too tough on Kelly Rowland. I’ve certainly heard worse performances at these shows. She did her thing although it was obvious she was thrown off. Maybe no sound check? I enjoyed the performance!

  2. I think there’s some hater-ade in this dish. Granted she wasn’t perfect, Kelly sounded great despite the sound tech difficulties. Yes I do believe there was sound tech issue. Go Kelly!!

  3. Obviously you do not know Kelly and know how she has developed as a vocalist, so do not make assumption about things that you do not know. I hate the attitude of people who judge others before they know the entire scenario- go and listen to other live performances of “When love takes over” and you will know that something was wrong. Is it strange for someone to have technical difficulty, is it. Find something to do and don’t publish rubbish because you are wasting time I would be embarrassed if I write this article as a first draft.

  4. i haven’t looked at her performance so i don’t know but that mess you were saying about she is not a very good vocalist she could sing and stop trying to bring down the girl she is doing her thing and even though she isn’t as famous as beyonce she still got your attention

  5. 50 Cent is a complete douche bag who has become completely irrelevant in the music world so he needs to quit hatin’ cause he only wishes anybody would buy a ticket if he went on tour

  6. I have to agree with the others. No I haven’t seen this particular performance but I think Kelly has a beautiful voice and can sing well live. It’s unfortunate but the best of them have technical issues that happen and they just have to learn how to roll with the punches. I think she has the better voice of the three in DC. I think it’s more soulful especially. Kelly just needs to find her sound, a few good producers, management and a publicist to work their magic and she will find her audience and the success she deserves. I wish her well…Oh, and yes. 50 Cent is a complete douche bag who lashes out at people with harsh remarks just to start a bunch of unneccesary drama. That’s the only way he can sell music, music that really ain’t hitting on nothing these days. How pathetic of a little man is he!

  7. I am with Kat, I think Kelly has a better voice than the other three. There are mistakes that can be made during performances and sound could be one of them. I’m not going to call you a hater but you need to think before you blog.

  8. Okay, I feel compelled to respond since all of you are calling me a hater. It is obvious that Kelly done chimed in along with her mama and cousin’s ‘nem…LOL! I have heard Kelly sing live and was not moved…AT ALL. She cannot sing…point blank. She can carry a tune but she cannot sing. Beyonce on the other hand can sing. Prior to hearing her live, I didn’t think she could sing either but the sista can BLOW. I thought Michelle could sing and heard her live and she was a mess too. She could carry a tune and hit a note here or there but she is not a great solo singer. All that to say…sorry guys…I respectfully disagree with you. Now my thinking that Kelly can’t sing does not mean that I am not a fan of her work. I like Kelly. I think she is a beautiful girl and I actually think she is a better actor than singer. If I were you Kelly…eh hem excuse me…If I were her, I would take my career in that direction. I think she would be very successful as an actress. She gave singing a try (and had success in DC) so now she should try something else. Thanks you guys for reading my blog and taking the time to post a comment.


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