David Letterman Comes Clean on Extortion Attempt (Video)

David Letterman
David Letterman

David Letterman took a chance during his show to be honest with his public…since he had just been blackmailed.

He wanted everyone to know that someone broke into his car and left a package saying If you don’t give me $2 million, then I’m going to tell everyone what you did last summer.

No! That’s not what the note said, but that was funny … anyway! There was more than a note, there was a package.

The package consisted of everything that David Letterman had done that was bad.  Well, let’s say a lot of things.

But, according to Letterman it was accurate information and one of those things was that he had slept with women on his staff.  The crowd laughs through the whole confession.

You’re feeling really smart right now, huh extortionist?  Letterman really isn’t the one to go toe to toe with about dirt … he doesn’t care and neither does the public.

Check it out:

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