The Frankie & Neffe Show Is Still On the Air? (Video)

Neffe and Soullow during a photo shoot with Sister2Sister.
Neffe and Soullow during a photo shoot with Sister2Sister.

It’s amazing what the general public will consume.  Hopefully, this show is akin to being at a smorgasbord.  People are picking it, but they recognize that it’s bad and move on to the next thing.

This show is giving  the world a whole new level of crazy to aspire to.  But let me get to it…HOW MANY CHILDREN DOES NEFFE HAVE?  GOOD GRIEF!  Is she competing with Kate Plus 8 for her job since her and her husband broke up was kicked off? 

Maybe she’s really secretly hoping that she can get that same deal.  If the network falls out with Frankie then she can pounce.  She’ll jump from Frankie’s shadow and get her own show.

But until those magical plans jump off, she’s sitting with Frankie and Soullow.  Is this man’s name really Soul Low?  No further comment on him.  But check out the kids…they’re EVERYWHERE!

Ok…check out her photo shoot for Sister2Sister and listen to the interview over the photo shoot:

2 thoughts on “The Frankie & Neffe Show Is Still On the Air? (Video)”

  1. It was a hot ass mess from the word go and I notice Keyshia went on about her business and left these two to their own devices. I refuse to watch the show and hoped not many people would but I did channel surf past a commercial about a new episode. Its scandalous when you know you’re f**ked up beyond measure but want 15 minutes in the limelight so bad you just let all your dirty laundry hang out there. Oh, and Neffe needs to let someone else do her make up – girl looks better in the dark for real but when she puts all that stuff on her face – damn!

  2. Yes, these two are a real hot mess.
    Neffe you should be ashamed your kids hair aint even combed. Is soullow the neighborhood bum. Wow wish you would watch this season and see you need too make some serious changes.

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