Chicago Teen Murdered Assailants Caught and Charged (Video)


The Chicago teens involved in what appears to have been a mini-riot all came together for one mission…death!  They were there to harm one another and possibly kill a brother.

Even if that wasn’t their intention, it was still the result.  EUR This N That as well as EURweb sends our sincere condolences to the mother of 16-year old honor roll student Derrion Albert who was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and lost his life to possibly fellow classmates.

Derrion was supposed to sit shoulder to shoulder with his classmates and graduate at the top of his class.  But, nothing is further from the truth now.  Not only was his life abruptly ended by completely ludicrous behavior, but as these other young men sit in jail charged as adults with first degree murder and their souls rot behind bars, we have once again lost the opportunity to see any of them in a successful life with families and careers that they never had a chance to envision.

The landscape for this crime is Chicago but we all know it varies.  Today and the next day the same senseless blood will be shed throughout our country with young black men standing on both ends of the weapons.

And while no one picked up a gun in this altercation, the venom of self-hatred which permeates numerous enclaves of African American neighborhoods on every level of education and class–you left that part out Mr. Cosby, and how to fix it–was in the souls of the young men that killed Derrion.  They are hopeless and their souls are barren wastelands with no possible remnant of self love.

I’m officially calling a time out on the black community.  And while we may still find it taboo, we have to address the mental health issues in our community that unfortunately cannot be unlocked by traditional psychiatry.  Only the psychiatrists like Dr. Frances Cress Welsing who “overstands” the problems of the African American psyche as it pertains to the link between itself and historical trauma from slavery can begin to unravel our issues.

Immediately, people dismiss anything linked with slavery, but it’s real, it happened, and the intellect that resulted from it–in its multi-faceted form–is alive and kicking.

Now take a look at this atrocity that an amateur videotaped of the incident and tell me it isn’t.

– J.C. Brooks

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2 thoughts on “Chicago Teen Murdered Assailants Caught and Charged (Video)”

  1. This was just too painful to watch. My heart goes out to this child’s family. My deepest, God Bless you.

  2. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the video either. Your analysis of the situation is accurate. There is a scourge in the Black community. There is too much violence. Too much abuse. Too much self-hatred. Too much of a lack of education. My theory is that it traces back to the breakdown of the black family. Yes, this was a part of slavery, but it accelerated much more so over the past almost hundred years or so.
    After slavery, black men and women still got married and raised their children – I think it was not physical slavery, but mental slavery that did our families in.
    We do need a time out. We do need people like Dr. Welsing (I haven’t heard anything from her in years!) and we even also need people like Dr. Cosby – we need anyone who cares enough to speak out about this senseless self-destruction of our people.
    Our babies are dying. Our babies are dying!
    I have sons! I can’t fathom the pain that family is going through.
    I don’t know when it will stop. I don’t know how.
    One kid at a time, I guess. It’s so overwhelming.
    I just pray for young Derrion Albert and pray that not another child has to endure that violence.

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