Dishin’ Dirt on Kanye West, KRS1, Swizz Beatz and more…

What’s up y’all?!  Here is the dirt…


Famed director and convicted PEDOFILE, Roman Polanski was FINALLY arrested!  Back in 1978 Polanski pled guilty to having unlawful sexual intercourse with an under-aged girl in California.  The girl was 13 at the time.  Shortly after the conviction, Polanski fled the U.S. and never served jail time.  Well Po-Po was in Switzerland accepting an award not knowing that the U.S.A. teamed up with Swiss law enforcement to have his azz arrested.  Currently he is going through the extradition process.


The Swizz Beatz/Alicia Keys drama is popping off … AGAIN!  It appears that Ms. Alicia has been on Twitter running her mouth about her relationship with Swiss and Swiss’ WIFE (they are not divorced yet) got PISSED and sent Alicia a letter VIA TWITTER.  Check it out:

If you are reading this Alicia, let me start by saying, you know what you did. You know the role you played and you know how you contributed to the ending of my marriage. You know that I asked you to step back and let me handle my family issues. Issues that you helped to create…

I’m not saying everything was perfect all the time but no relationship is perfect. We made a vow to God and I believe you should have respected that, as a woman. I know you owe me or my son nothing but I just wish you would’ve handled things more carefully. I’m not judging you…I put you and the whole situation in the hands of God, the Higher Power. Just know that as a woman, I expected so much more from you. I never had intentions on reaching out to you this way but after reading your twits tonight, and the constant disregard, you left me no choice. I feel that after 1 and a half years of you hiding this affair and acting like it doesn’t exist, that now is the time to confront it, since you talk so openly about it now

This is not a publicity stunt, I don’t have a record coming out. I just need to close this chapter in my life and that means confronting our issues. There is a small child involved. His dad loves him to death and he wants to spend more time with him but he’s afraid because he knows we don’t have a relationship. This is my main concern. My son NEEDS his dad and I NEED to be comfortable with you. For him!

I know many will see my point and many will not be able to look into what’s real because they only want to see Alicia Keys the celebrity, not the human. This is not for the “people”, this is for you. Like I said I was left no choice but to reach out to you this way. By now, I’m sure you want to find a balance in this as well.

I read your tweets tonight and I felt they were very insensitive. You have no idea how much pain I was caused because of this affair. It’s baffling to me that you don’t understand what I might have gone through with this situation. I don’t consider myself a victim anymore.  I’ve learned a lot from this! I just ask you to try and be a bit more realistic and delicate to the situation, at least until my divorce is final. I felt me attending the party would have been a starting point for us, since you shook my hand after I offered it, but I suppose I was wrong.

If its so, that you and my husband are meant to be together, then God bless you both and I hope you never have to deal with what I did. I would not wish it on my worst enemy. If you two being together forever is the case, its more of a reason for us to get along, because I’m not going anywhere. There’s a child to be raised.

To answer your tweet, choose smart over spark. Sparks burn everyone, be smart! Its simple actually, just think of the shoe being on the other foot.

Stay blessed and let’s work this thing out with respect and dignity.


Side Bar-Personally, I think all of this foolery is a publicity stunt.  I think Alicia likes chicks and Swizz and Mashonda want fame.  That makes it a win win situation.  Nuff said…


Speaking of drama, I am SO over the Kanye West/Taylor Swift foolishness.  How about Kanye and Taylor have the same AGENT?!  Nuff said…


Side Bar-BTW, according to Kanye’s camp, he is entering rehab.  It was speculated that the reason Kanye got on stage and dissed Taylor at the VMA’s was because he was drunk.  Allegedly, he was drinking a big bottle of Hennessy on the red carpet that evening.  Did I mention that Yeezy has some sort of an endorsement deal with Hennessy?  These marketing execs really know how to take bullshyznit to the next level.


Speaking of drama queens, Plaxico arrived on Rikers Island to a bunch of evil doers who HATE the Giants.  Needless to say, Plaxico went straight to protective custody.


Side Bar-I hope he can stay in PC.  I would HATE for Malik and ‘nem to get a hold of him ’cause we all know that “Plaxico” will become “Flexico” real fast.  Keep him in your prayers.


Why is KRS1 hatin’ on Def Jam??

Side Bar-Maaaaaan, go get a dental plan and then holler at us.  Nuff said…

That’s all the dirt for now.  Holla back at your girl…



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