Spanking Your Child Lowers Their IQ?


If you are feeling like someone needs to lose their job based on this study, sign me up on your petition to get this fool fired.  The  Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation in Maryland should be ashamed of themselves for hijacking monies to fund this foolishness.  It appears that you can come up with any idea that floats into your head and with the proper connections get it funded, get it on paper, line your pocket and report.

The culprits behind this study are Murray Straus and his colleague Mallie Paschall.  They took 2 control groups of children ages 2 – 4 and 5 – 9.  They split both groups into the spanked and unspanked and the unspanked had higher scores when they were tested.  It appears that if you spank your child, you’re “quick fixing” the problem rather than using your words to stimulate the child to proper action.  According to Straus and Paschall, you’re “traumatizing” your child each and every time you hit them. 

Ok,to be fair, I can see where they may have saw SOME remnant of “interest” in researching such a study.  But enough to go ahead with the research…no.  If you’re a parent and you’ve tried “time out” versus an “ass whoopin” please chime in.  We’d like to know what the results were from YOUR study.  Because while I’m not the smartest kid in the group, I am a college degree toting  journalist that has had my share of “trauma.”  And what they did in the 60’s and 70’s to punish a child would get you 10-20 in the penitentiary today.  I think me and my son’s (who is in a gifted and talented program) IQ’s are in tact, even with the occasional foot to ass technique that is taboo in this study. 

Read more about their theories here.  Let us know what techniques work for you and if you think your kid is flourishing in school because of it.  Oh yeah!  Joe Jackson?  No need for you to chime in…thank you.

-J.C. Brooks

2 thoughts on “Spanking Your Child Lowers Their IQ?”

  1. OK, I got my behind beat down as a kid and I mean beat. I.E. switches, belts and bare ass hands on my butt! However, I decided I would not spank my son and until he reached twelve years of age my husband and I did time-outs as well as taking away prized possessions. Well, my now sixteen year old is showing all his black ass and I now wonder if I’d handle his discipline as my mother did, if he’d be better behaved. Hind-sight is truly 20/20.

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