Oprah Graciously Welcomes Jay-Z to the Show (Video)


In case you didn’t get to see Oprah with Jay-Z yesterday, they have all kinds of clips up on her site from his visit.  It was a very playful, very gracious Oprah in the presence of Hip Hop’s royalty.  She gave him a chance to explain himself even though they “agreed to disagree forever” on the issue of the “N” word being used in rap lyrics.

When watching them together, it was like watching any guy sitting with his aunt talking and enjoying themselves.  He took her to Marcy Projects in Brooklyn where he grew up and it was as though the President was in the neighborhood the way they had everything barricaded.  I was wondering how they would pull off Oprah AND Jay-Z visiting that depth of the hood.  But they did.

The interview wasn’t as intense as Bill Maher’s with the mogul, but it was light-hearted and enjoyable.  Jay-Z is selling albums already, but surely after his visit, like everyone else that visits her show, he will see the numbers climb overnight for the Blueprint 3.  And to show his regality, he didn’t just get the show, he’s going to be in next month’s edition of  O magazine.

Check out the interview below on the rapper/mogul/executive and check here at Oprah’s site for more.

3 thoughts on “Oprah Graciously Welcomes Jay-Z to the Show (Video)”

  1. This really makes me want to cry, how so many people put so much importance on these celebrities. Go out people and get your own lives and switch off that TV.

  2. I watched the Oprah/Jay-Z show; not a real fan of rap, but I found J to be completely adorable. He’s humble, a gentleman, a down to earth guy and a fierce business man. Love how he’s totally hush on his marriage. Even though I don’t listen to his music, I’ll always admire him. Go Hova!

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