The U.S. Is Running Out of Ammunition


By the crime reports coming out of most major cities you wouldn’t have a clue that the ammunition industry is falling short.  They are not just low on bullets, they are running out of them.  According to th Associated Press, the worry over Obama cutting gun legislation and limiting the gun usage has rallied folks to their local gun stores for whatever Saturday night special they can get their hands on.

The conspiracy theorists may think differently though.  They would see a more sinister underlying plan going on.  They might believe that militia and others looking to declare war on a country that appears to be slipping away from those that have been at the guard for so long may be to blame for the shortage.

Anyone looking for work may want to look into the ammunition industry and find out where we are making bullets because the report also claims that lines are working 24/7 to keep bullets in the store and they are still falling short.

Read more on the ammunition crisis here.

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