Celebs Give an Assist to President Obama’s Health Care … With Comedy (Video)


Will Ferrell and friends have come together to try and lighten the country’s mood on health care reform.

Donald Faison [Scrubs] and Masi Oka [Asian guy from Heroes] are a couple of the friends he’s enlisted to send a message to America that everyone  can appreciate.

The celebrities have been in President Obama’s corner since he decided to run for office.  Hopefully, this ad, sponsored by Moveon.org, will not be the only one.  We’re hoping that there will be many more of these ads.

It appears that the celebrity appeal was helpful to Obama’s campaign.  Let’s hope this is as beneficial.  Check it out:

4 thoughts on “Celebs Give an Assist to President Obama’s Health Care … With Comedy (Video)”

  1. If these celebs want to help anything they can start with their own freakin’ union – or excuse me – ‘guild’.

    There are over 125,000 members of the guild and the vast majority of them make less than $5,000 a year and RECEIVE NO HEALTH BENEFITS. In fact it costs $2,300 dollars to join (and you MUST join if you want to work when you are eligible) and you must meet minimum standards to qualify for benefits – requirements that the majority of actors can’t meet (we are talking like over 80% here).

    Now Will Ferrell for instance made around 20 million for his last piece of junk movie Land of the Lost … he qualifies for health coverage as do the majority of the other actors in the video.

    Mr. Ferrell lovingly jokes about the ‘misunderstood’ insurance company execs making billions when he himself is a multi-million dollar corporation (every big name celebrity incorporates folks – for the tax breaks) that refuses to reform his very own guild.

    Instead he wants the government, with TAX PAYER DOLLARS, to do what he refuses to do for his own colleagues, with his OWN MONEY. The very same people he works with on his big budget movies.

    Not to mention the fact that huge studio corporations get tax breaks to keep production in the United States. The hypocrisy of these people and this industry is STAGGERING.

    It should make everyone sick … but no doubt MoveOn.org thought there would be value in parading these hypocrites out before the public as Obama begins to loose his health care ‘reform’ fight.

    Wake up folks – it isn’t about health care, it isn’t about reform – it’s about power, plain and simple.

    If one top level actor donated their entire salary for a year, the Screen Actors Guild could provide health care to all its members. BUT THEY DON’T. If an industry where the top 5% (all multi-millionaires with multiple houses, cars, boats, etc.) won’t provide this for their own colleagues and co-workers – why do the want YOU, the AMERICAN TAXPAYER to do it for everyone else?

    Real reform is needed … not this Hollywood garbage hypocrisy…

  2. Hey Will Ferrell, didnt you make 20+ million for your last flop of a movie. That would buy a lot of your screen guild union members good health care. Why dont you put your money where your mouth is, and quit trying to tell others what to do with their money.

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