Wendy Williams Show…Drop or Pop? (Video)


Wendy Williams’ show has been televised for over a month now right?  I’m not a fan, let’s get that part out of the way.  So, we’re on a search for her fans to see if the show is in any way liberating, informative, humorous, fun, funny, anything that would give it some redeeming qualities from the awful mess that it appears to be.  Ok! Time’s up!  Let’s hear from infoMania, a new show on Current TV, and get their take on it:

6 thoughts on “Wendy Williams Show…Drop or Pop? (Video)”

  1. I love the show….It is Tivo’ed every night! I think its a down to earth, and she is just a fun personality! I would not rather watch anyone else.

  2. I think its a bunch of crap! You might as well give “the pipe” I mean “the mic” to anybody! Rather than down to earth, its beneath media quality. It reminds me of the little girls in grade school, in the hood shootin the sh**! None of them were educated then so it was funny!…….Its like take two steps forward and 12 steps back for the black community. I’m appauld……..I thought we OVERCAME?

  3. The show is slow and boring. You can only enjoy the Wendy Williams Show if you are gay or a fag hag. I love my gay friends and family but come on…………..this is rediculous!

  4. Thats even an insult to gays & fag hags! Its low class……the reason “gays” or “fag hags” like it is because she acts like a “big ole drag queen” herself…Something you’d see behind any closet door. Not sophisticated or lady enough to be admired by a “gay” or “fag hag” I know!! LOL!!! We’re talkin……trashy finger snappin’ tired 80’s ghetto stuff! Something you’d see on the blv’d waving down a car for money! SHAMEFUL!!!!!! WITHOUT MORALS!!

  5. Wendy let your haters be your motivators…..You are doing so much better
    with the talk show than the radio…Its so funny that some of the people are
    so negative toward you< but they continue to watch and no everything you do…So whats the problem..TURN THE DAMN CHANNEL IDOTS…..SO HOW U DOIN WENDY….kEEP UP THE GOOD ENTERTAINING…LUV U

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