Baltimore Says, ‘Keep Guns Off Our Trains!’


After the terrorist struck on U.S. soil September 11, 2001, Amtrak clamped down their policies and said that there will be no more guns on their trains.  But now, Congress has essentially roughed Amtrak up in an alley and said, “Look!  If you don’t allow passengers to bring their guns on board, we’re going to keep our $1.5 billion we were going to give you and you’ll have to shut down.” (loosely translated)  How thuggish is that?

So before Congress has a chance to “ride down” on Amtrak, the Chairman of Amtrak talked about how dangerous a maneuver this would be.  But, the NRA is so hell bent on having guns and their second amendment honored they can’t see that while having a gun is supposed to make you feel empowered, it will actually leave the passengers and everyone else aboard vulnerable to terrorist activity.

Baltimore’s mayor, Sheila Dixon is one that agrees with Amtrak.  More specifically, she believes that “illegal gun trafficking” will become a problem.  Read the report here.  Which side of the debate do you fall on?  Would you rather have your “peace” with you or leave it at home?

-J.C. Brooks

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