Shar and Luenell Go For Err’-thang At Emmy Gifting Suite (Photo)

Luenell and Shar Jackson at the Emmy's 'Free Spree'
Shar Jackson and Luenell at the Emmy's 'Free Spree'

Where is Ed Lover when you need him?

He would’ve had a field day with this one.  Anyway, the Emmy awards is supposed to be a big serious event where if you’re invited you get to partake in some of the free items.

Well, you know how it is when some of us see or hear the word “free.” That might  help explain their “cats who ate the canary” look.  🙂

Shar Jackson,  also known as K-Fed’s baby mama,  and comedienne Luenell got to the Emmy’s gifting suite and lost it.  According to an inside report, they started snatchin’ up everything that wasn’t bolted down. In the picture, you can see Shar isn’t unhanding a bottle of something.

The insider who saw all of this also said they stopped just for a moment for this photo op and then went right back into snatch and grab mode.

And the best,er, worst part of it all, they brought family to help them!  Shar brought her mother and Luenell brought her daughter Da’Nelle.

In the now famous words of Ed Lover, “C’mon Son!”

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  1. Ummm…who doesn’t like free stuff…from the Emmy’s too? Don’t hate…

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