New York’s Governor Defies Obama Administration to Run in 2010


New York’s Governor David Paterson has been under a windfall of criticism recently and the low ratings he’s received is putting pressure on his possible second term as governor.

The controversy as of late is that Obama’s administration, NOT OBAMA DIRECTLY, has asked Paterson to leave gracefully and not run for office in 2010.

Well, the blind governor is not convinced that he doesn’t have another shot at it.

In 2008, Eliot Spitzer resigned because of his prostitution scandal which brought Paterson, who was Lieutenant Governor at the time,  into Spitzer’s seat.  And, now that he’s there, he’s trying his best to stay.

The fear of him staying with such low approval is that he will bring down the viable ticket for Democrats in 2010.

The Democrats want to maintain their control in Washington and they feel he’s a weak link.

But, Paterson’s political roots run deep in New York and his presence as Governor is probably a dream for him.  His father’s career in politics is one that he’s trying to uphold.  His dad was Basil Paterson and he was a New York state senator and secretary of state.  He also served as deputy mayor of New York City and the governor’s mother was secretary for Marcus Garvey.

Al Sharpton has also weighed in.  According to the Huffington Post, he said on his radio show yesterday that he had spoken to D.C. as well as the governor to gain insight into the decision the governor is making to run again.

There has been unofficial hints leaked to the Huffington Post that suggest there is a deal for Paterson that if he gives up this next run, he could find himself in the Obama administration.

Check out the report here. This seems like it is going to get dirty.  Lucky for Paterson, he’s already given up the information on his “infidelities” long time ago.

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