Volkswagen Has Invented the 1-Liter Car


Try to imagine pulling up to the pump and all you need is your Crown Royal bag to pay for your gas.  Just a little change and you’re on a full tank.  If Volkswagen puts a gallon-sized tank in this car, it will drive 240 miles on one gallon.  That’s right!  On one liter of gas you will be able to go 62 miles.

The car is fuel efficient and sexy! What more could you want?  The engine is a 39-hp turbo-diesel engine combined with a 14-hp electric motor.   You don’t have to search for your keys there’s a stop/start system.   For the race car driver in you, it has a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. You can speed, but you might burn up your liter of gas.

Read here to see all of the cars, but this one is set for the streets in 2013.

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