The A-Team Is Back!

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson
Quinton "Rampage" Jackson

If you ever were a fan of the show The A-Team, it’s back  and in a full feature film version.  The role of B.A. (who looked like he was going to O.G. any minute),  is being reprised by none other than UFC Champ from the wrestling world  Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.  The show was a hit and there’s no reason why the film wouldn’t be a success at the box office…with the right actors in place that is.  And Mr. T just grunted through most of it, so Rampage if you mess this up…this will be your last role.

There’s also a lot of weight on his shoulders because he beat out The Game and Common for the role.  How Common became a contender one can only guess.  Liam Neeson signed on to play the leader of the vigilante group, Hannibal.  It should be good times again.  Check out further details on the movie here.

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