Facebook Is Finally In the Black

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Thank goodness Facebook is making all the money it will ever need.  Weren’t you worried there for a minute about having to pay for your account?

Or did you realize that even with 250 million members they were in financial straits?  They are now up to 300 million members and functioning well into the black at over $500 million in revenue for just this year.

People are addicted to Facebook and would probably have paid if they turned into one of those sites where you have to pay to actually see anyone you know.  But the platform is so strong now that the company is looking to go public soon.

Although, according to the Associated Press,  the CEO and Founder, Mark Zuckerberg said a few months ago that any talk of IPO (initial public offering) is still “a few years out.”

So, go out there and “friend” someone, “suggest” someone to someone else even.  Finish thuggin’ it up on Mafia Wars or get a game of Scrabble going … cuz Facebook, apparently is here to stay.

Read here to get an idea of how long.

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  4. What a nice post my friend. I am a facebook fan and mostly spend my time playing some playfish games and just chatting out with my friends. Surely, there are so many ways we can use facebook and I really love using it. I hope they have something more new to come for all of us.

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