Former President Carter Blasts Racism In Washington (Video)

Former President Jimmy Carter
Former President Jimmy Carter

Our 39th President, Jimmy Carter, aka Mr. Nice Guy, was never a popular President in the U.S.   and it seems that he’s not trying to win any brownie points now.  He is mad about the disrespect to our President and he has something to say.  He isn’t mincing any words on making it understood that the problems of racism have long been a problem in politics and its effect upon the country.  According to the Associated Press, Carter was quoted saying, “There is an inherent feeling among many in this country that an African-American should not be president.”

When Joe Wilson made his remark, “You lie!”, on the House floor, Carter attributes Wilson’s outburst to the growing heat the Republicans are feeling because a black man is at the helm of the most powerful nation in the world.  He contends that the emotion sparking such disrespect is much “deeper” than a debate on health care reform.

President Carter was one of the first Presidents to take the world seriously and start making improvements to the environment.  He started Habitat for Humanity because he thought that everyone should have some place affordable to live.  He started the Department of Education because he cared about the children enough to extend a sort of social service to manage the education system.  And even according to the White House,  he “appointed record numbers of women, blacks, and Hispanics to Government jobs.” So minorities, thank him if you’re showing up for duty today at a good “gubment” job.

Obviously, he is not popular in D.C., and he definitely has been in government long enough to know a duck when he sees one.  Carter was born in 1924 and he has seen a world change before his eyes.  We pray that his words are not discounted to age and a legacy of caring.  Read the AP story here.  Check him out here with MSNBC in his own words:

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