Blockbuster is Seeing the Beginning of the End?


Blockbuster is yet another hit by the recession.  The once movie rental mammoth is shutting down production and possibly closing at least 1,000 of it doors next year.  Netflix and Redbox  are hard to contend with in this economy.  The plan of how they do business will change tremendously.

Blockbuster will be amping up its dispenser boxes similar to NetFlix and Redbox.  The revenue numbers for NetFlix has went through the roof and have become a serious contender.  According to Yahoo! Finance, revenues for Blockbuster last year were at  $5.3 billion down from almost $5.9 in 2005.  Netflix has seen their revenue go from $682 million in 2005 to an excess of $1.3 billion

Read here to see how soon you’ll become a Netflix / Redbox junkie.

3 thoughts on “Blockbuster is Seeing the Beginning of the End?”

  1. girl what u say….ive been using Redbox!! cant beat $1/movie. we will subscribe to netflix soon.

  2. Winsome thoughts here. Are you hopeful this is the best way to look at it though? My experience is that we should pretty much live and let live because what one person ponders as just — another person simply does not. People are going to do what they want to do. In the end, they always do. The most we can yearn for is to distinguish a few things here and there that hopefully, allows them to make just a little better informed decision. Otherwise, great post. You’re definitely making me think! –Katie

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