Wendy Williams Goes After Whitney Houston … Again! (Video)


Wendy Williams has a hot new show she left radio for and she’s up to all her shenanigans there as well.

When she saw Oprah interviewing Whitney Houston, she must’ve had a flashback to her time on the radio with Whitney.  That little incident left a screaming match between them that no one will forget.

Now Wendy Williams is trying to say that listening to Whitney brings back old times of her cocaine use.  She said she was once addicted to cocaine and she could relate with Whitney.  EXCEPT! she feels that Whitney is blaming all her problems on Bobby and her drug problem was not Bobby’s fault.  Do you agree?

Read her full comments here.

Or … you can stay and watch it right here:

14 thoughts on “Wendy Williams Goes After Whitney Houston … Again! (Video)”

  1. Naw I don’t agree Wendy to me is fake a** bit** and ever1 situation is different she said she was weak @ th time of drug use give her that much credit…. I agree wit Omarosa her show is not like radio she don’t ask the d list celebs no juicy dirt she talk bout all them but when they on couch she nice she is a fake 2 me

  2. I think this is pitiful!! And the audience must be just as hungry for gossip and monkey chatter as the one swinging from the tree! But then again in America there are many shows like this. Whitney is back….And everyone is trying to make a buck and publicity on her comeback. How can ANYONE say what she feels. Opinions from stupid people are for the stupid…. We’ve graduated from “market magazines to market magazine t.v & internet sites”. At least Wendy Williams has a job and a following. Regardless to how dumb, low life, and classless…..(looking like a Whitney wanna be!)

  3. I can’t stand this horse-faced contrived BS’er!!! She’s had it out for Whitney ever since Whit brought it to her on her radio show. She should have stuck to radio. Like Kanye, she’s better heard than seen…sometimes not even THAT! Whitney told us everything she wanted us to know, the fact of the matter is she is doing better and she’s singing again. Wendell can cry all the crocodile tears in the world, it’s not going to save her stinkin’, sinkin’ show!

  4. Wendy didnt own up either! She said she was and “ex-offender”, not an addict which is what she is.

  5. sorry, I like both Whitney and Wendy and it sounded the way Wendy perceived it to me. Whitney’s comments sounded like she was saying Bobby was the reason she was cracked out instead of owning her actions and choices that she made. Granted, Bobby + Whitney = toxic relationship, however, own your actions Whitney. You could have easily chosen not to do drugs, Bobby didn’t force them on you.

  6. I wasn’t going to say anything but…I just can’t help it! Who in the hell does Whitney Houston has to “own up to” but herself!! And thats exactly why she did Oprah, and she’s back on block. The acusations and little ghetto remarks and those big fake tears!! Please!!! ha! ha! Make a fool of yourself only for your fools who follow you Wendy!! Its sad to see how many people wear the same pathetic cloth that “Wendy” does! Whoever…and I repeat WHOM EVER think they can read between Whitney Houston’s lines is “wack & on crack”!! Opinions from idiots don’t count….Who do you think you are? What gives you the right to judge and say what somebody else should’ve “owned up to”? It was an interview. She answered the questions the way she saw fit. Only jealous, don’t have nothin’ negative, nuts create such bullcrap stories….Come one, come all! Identify yourselves……..!!! You must be living in a crack house to even listen to such crap!

  7. I like Whitney and Wendy, but I will say this. I sort of think that Wendy believed that Whitney Houston would never come back in way shape or fashion. Most people know about that infamous radio interview that Wendy and Whitney had a few years ago where it almost seemed as if Whitney upstaged Wendy on her own show. And since then Wendy has always had something to say about Whitney and Bobby. Now it’s as if Wendy almost seems in disbelief that Whitney has cleaned up act and now getting a lot of positive feedback. You can see a little jealousy seeping through Wendy and her blonde wig.

  8. This is the best website for anybody who desires to find out about this topic. You notice so much its nearly onerous to argue with you (not that I truly would want…HaHa). You undoubtedly put a brand new spin on a topic thats been written about for ages. Nice stuff, simply nice!

  9. Jealousy, Wendy? Really? Everyone has their own journey and whether you acknowledge it or not, the mere fact that you are judging someone else on their private journey diminishes your credibility. Now, Own that!~

  10. I think this Wendy Williams character is pathetic…This is not a journey….this is a walk in a queens high heels. Thats what she’s been doing all along… She’s taken on a “reading drag queen”s” character. And added it to her fake’abilty…Her audiences are usually queens, and fag hags that laugh at her being like one of the “girls”….She’s clever and quick witted like most drags…..A dime a dozen. Talent? I think any flea market out of work woman could do her job…Just be yourself….I see I’ve made more comments than most…Thats because I go an update of someone “trying” to defend this garbage mouth !!!!!!!!!!!! She knows who to suck up to….What is a word I learned….a Tranny with a -anny!

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