Johns Hopkins Student Kills Man with Samurai Sword


Tensions are high everywhere and people are taking the law into their own hands…literally.  A young man was threatened by an intruder in his backyard near Johns Hopkins where he’s a junior studying Chemistry.  He heard something and went outside with the sword to see what was going on.  He had already had a stereo and his 2 lap tops, and a Playstation stolen just the day before and enough was obviously, enough.

The man, Donald Rice, 49, was in the boy’s garage.  The boy told him to get out of his backyard, but the man lung ed at him and that’s when he put the sword up to defend himself.  Needless to say, the man won’t be making anymore late night calls.  He had a rap sheet long as his body  and was probably looking to find some peace.  Maybe not this way, but he is gone now. 

Johns Hopkins neighbors have had a rash of petty crimes in the neighborhood lately, so this is easing their minds a little.  But, the victim’s sister is fighting mad and didn’t know why he had to kill her brother.  But, people are going to have to put a tighter reign on their family members if they don’t want to see this as the outcome when they commit a crime.  Anything can happen when you are breaking an entering.  Read here  for the full story.

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