Dishin’ Dirt on the 2009 MTV VMAs … (Video)

What’s up y’all?  Here is the dirt…


This year’s MTV VMAs were GREAT!  It was full of entertainment and DRAMA…just like I like it.  The show opened with a heart felt “monologue” from Madonna about Michael Jackson which was followed by a MJ tribute headlined by Janet Jackson. Can I just say that for Janet to be over 40, that sista does not look or dance like she is a day over 20.  She danced her butt off!!

Side Bar-After watching the VMA tribute to the King of Pop, I will be the first to say that BET ought to be ashamed of themselves for that BS of a tribute they gave Michael Jackson.  Nuff said…


Overall the VMA’s were great but the highlight of the evening seemed to have been when Kanye “BYCHAZZ” West stole the spotlight from Taylor Swift.


As usual Beyonce NAILED her performance!  She jammed so hard that folks had to respect her hustle.  That is a BAD girl.  Check out some of her performance below.

Side Bar-Folks can say what they want about Beyonce but the lil’ sista is a BEAST of a performer.  She is da TROOF!


Speaking of Beyonce, she showed so much class when she won Video of the Year for her “Single Ladies” video.  She allowed Taylor Swift to have her “moment” after it was ruined by Kanye West.  Some folks are saying that Beyonce only did that as a PR stunt but I refuse to believe that.  I choose to believe that she did the right thing because it was the…right thing.  On the flip side, Beyonce was KILLING that RED DRESS!  She is my motivation for hitting the gym just a lil’ bit harder.


Is it me or is J-Lo dressing real “south of the border-ish” these days??  Jen if you are out there PU-LEASE let go of the LACE BOOTIES!  What’s the deal with that?  Beyonce fires Tina and you hire her??  That ensemble was just WRONG…beginning with the crush velvet off the shoulder sleeves.  Nuff said…


Is ERRYBODY shopping in Charo’s closet or what??  Who in the hell let Lady GaGa buy up ALL the lace in the tri-state area?  I’ll bet Prince was pissed off.  That’s probably why he didn’t show up last night.


Can I just say that Pink is THA BOMB?!  Hers was the second best performance of the night next to the MJ tribute.  If she EVER loses her voice, she can always become an acrobat.  Talk about pulling out all the stops just to sell CD’s.  Check out her performance below…


Here is the drama, rumor has it that right after Kanye declared his love for Beyonce that her bodyguard put a call in to Jay-Z.  Jay rolled up to the VMA’s with his Brooklyn crew and shook Yeezy up…forcing him to leave.  One report was that Jay BYTCH slapped Kanye and Kanye tried to windmill him but this big dude named Tee-Tee hemmed Kanye up.  Alright…I’m lying, but can’t you just imagine that happening??  It would definitely make for some good Dirt Dishin’.


Anyway, the last performance of the evening was Jay Z and Alicia Keys.  Alicia Keys can sing her FACE off.  I almost forgot that I was mad at her for stealing that woman’s husband…but that’s another story.  AN-T-WAY, they JAMMED and had the ENTIRE Radio City Music Hall ROCKING!  I had never heard the song before (I am not a Jay-Z fan) but I was jamming too…UNTIL Lil’ Mama to ran up on stage with Jay-Z.  Initially I thought she was Ashanti, but I don’t think Ashanti got an invitation this year…not to mention the fact that Lil’ Mama looks like a 13 year old boy in drag.  Anyway, check out their performance here.


This ain’t got nuffin’ to do wit’ nuffin’ but aren’t we glad that Solange cut her hair?  She is absolutely gorgeous with short hair.

Overall, this year was the best Video Music Awards in YEARS!  Russell Brand did a great job.  The performances were OFF THE CHAIN GOOD and they did not go over in time.  It could not have been any better.  Someone over at MTV is now up for a promotion!!

That’s all the dirt for now.  Holla back at your girl…



3 thoughts on “Dishin’ Dirt on the 2009 MTV VMAs … (Video)”

  1. That’s was the best vma’s since Ms. Spear’s fell off she use o rock them….. But what the he’ll did lil mama jump on stage 4 ?

  2. God, I HATE Kanye West. He’s an over-the-top, beyond spoiled brat. Why couldn’t Taylor Swift had a body guard on stage to knock Kanye on his azz? That would’ve been a lovely sight for me to see. Whether it was a stunt or not, Beyonce did a very generous and respectable thing by allowing Taylor to have her moment. Would’ve been a better moment had Kanye been passed out on the floor w/ a busted eye and lip.

    I should’ve mentioned this first but Janet’s performance was spectacular as usual. Not many young (or older) music superstars are capable of out-dance Janet. Miss Jackson if you’re nasty. She commands the stage and captivates an audience.

    Beyonce performed very well. So did Jay-Z and Alicia Keys.

    Exactly why did Lil Mama walk on stage? Why does Lady Gag-Gag feel the need to be weird and spooky?

    Solange DID NOT cut her hair. Solange’s hair was so f**ked up, she had no choice but to chop off the damage. I’m a black woman so I know about these things.

    Overall, this was a great show.

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