Were You Invited to the March on Washington September 12th? (Video)

marchondc_logo01You may not have heard about the upcoming We The People march on Washington.  Why not?   Because you aren’t invited to this mess.

The Republicans are up to some serious mayhem on Saturday, September 12, and guess who’s leading the charge?  That’s right! You guessed it! South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson,  Mr. “You Lie” himself.

It appears that Wilson and his cronies are marching on Washington to show their discontent with the health care policy.  They are calling this thing a tea party where they complain about overspending and taxes. But, you are sure to see an all out Klan meeting jump off with the type of sponsors they have so far.  Go here and see a list of sponsors on the left and right side of the page.  But, check out NARLO first!  They are sure to please when you visit their site. Sorry, but this thing has Sarah Palin and Klan members written all over it.

They are so  backwards that they tried to put together a commercial to get people to come and support them while they let the “government” know what’s on their minds, and used the wrong song.

If you listen carefully to the song, it says “let’s bring an end of the tyrants and the good old boys.”  That line has no business being pointed toward President Obama.

Check out their commercial here:

2 thoughts on “Were You Invited to the March on Washington September 12th? (Video)”

  1. Wow, you radical leftists are trying to associate a conservative rally with the “Klan”?!

    -The Republican Party (the “religious right” in particular) were the abolitionists during the mid 1800’s.
    -A Republican freed the slaves
    -Martin Luther King was a Republican.
    -The only Klan member of Congress is Robert Byrd, Democrat.

    What kind of hate-mongering rubbish website is this?!

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