ACORN Targeted Yet Again … This Time with Pimps and Prostitutes (Video)


The Republicans think they are so slick.  Right on the heels of the President’s speech on health care reform they launch a smear campaign on the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) … again!

The attempt is so asinine it should be in our Jokey Joke section.  But, two of the women who are allegedly featured in the undercover sting on ACORN were fired.

They are supposedly offering tax help to a prostitute and a pimp who are talking about they have several young girls from El Salvador they are bringing to their house to work.

Now! The 20-year old Palin doll who is SUPPOSEDLY playing a prostitute in the sting video of the transactions between the pimp and an ACORN employee, but she looks like she’s not playing a role at all.  Anyway, she’s sitting with Glenn Beck of all people to discuss what is seen on the video.

The video is clearly edited and/or they do not show enough of it for anyone to discern what in the hell is truly going on.   It is so obvious that Glenn Beck and his conservative cohorts are using this poor unsuspecting creature.

It looks like she just finished her cup of kool-aid and is ready to leave with the Stepford Wives after the interview.  When she says she was out jogging one morning and she looked over and saw ACORN and thought, “Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm … I don’t like them.  Lemme check them out,” immediately you know … THE GIG IS UP!

Check her and Glenn Beck  out:

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