Walmart Is Planning ‘Project Impact’ to Crush the Competition


The other day I made my mandatory run  into Walmart for a few things.  But, before I could get into the entrance, workers outside the building with running a massive crane and a paint sprayer the size of a cannon were stopping the traffic into the store before they could finish what appeared to be the end of a pilgrimmage to mount Walmart.

But really they were getting rid of the blue that I once knew and replacing it with milk chocolate walls and a yellow accents reminiscent of McDonald’s.  Something about this new look and all of the changes they are making inside are supposed to be a part of a mission to bring the rest of the competition to its knees called “Project Impact.”

The lanes in the store have been broadened, displays of the hottest items taken out of the middle of the major intersections of the stores giving the consumer a more fulfilling shopping experience.  The new look is trying to replicate that of a department store to give the impression that high end items are being sold for much lower prices.  That is NOT the case.

Read hereabout how Walmart plans to topple those that are left to challenge them.

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