50 Cent Authors New Book with Psychologist Buddy?


It’s like going to the circus and watching all the death defying tricks and seeing all the big cats… you can’t take your eyes off of him.  But before the show begins, someone yells, “Prepare to be amazed!”   While 50’s vocabulary may hit or miss here and there, it appears that the onlookers are  in sheer amazement that he can actually sit up and speak…at first. 

50 Cent, along with psychologist Robert Greene who has co-authored several books on strategy, is being interviewed by a roundtable of journalists on CNBC to promote the new book they’ve written entitled “The 50th Law.”  The book launched Tuesday, September 8.   A lot of rappers have taken Robert Greene’s books as the bible.  They recite them in their rhymes and use them in their lives.  Watch the impressive interview 50 gives on CNBC with Robert Greene that explains their interesting collaboration:



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