Oprahpalooza Is Really A Bid for Olympics?


Some haters out there are really upset that Oprah decided to shut down a major intersection and/or shopping area in downtown Chicago.  The Magnificent Mile, which is akin to Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive, surely experienced massive appeal seeing as how the Oprah show will launch its 24th show there.

The “Oprahpalooza” featured performances from The Black Eyed Peas and Jennifer Hudson just to name a couple and will air nationally Thursday, September 10.  According to the MSNBC story, there has even been a conspiracy theory that Oprah’s show is perfectly timed against the IOC decision, Oct. 2, for the next Olympic games location.  She hasn’t made it a secret that she’d like it there in her city.

You would think that the entire community would open their arms to Oprah… nope.  There’s some that were really perturbed by the whole idea.  Read hereto see if you might see anyone recognizable from Obama’s school speech detractors.

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