Jokey Joke: Two Black Women Steal Escalade … from the Cops? (Video)


Tru tv caught two young black women on camera who see a car they like with keys left in the ignition and the doors unlocked and decide “Hey, why not?”

The driver seems to be mentally unstable or maybe mentally handicapped.

You make the call on that as well.

Whoever the other girl is, she seems to be using her as the scapegoat.  Then, once they’re caught or appear to be caught during a futile escape, the passenger reveals that she has a warrant.

There’s no sense or sensibility, rhyme nor reason for this crime that may put these girls in a far worse situation than they ever imagined.

And to make it worse, they were set up.

We need to create a category called “Good Grief.”  That seems to define this situation better than Jokey Joke.  Check it out:

One thought on “Jokey Joke: Two Black Women Steal Escalade … from the Cops? (Video)”

  1. omg how stupid first you steal a truck then you in there calling your girl a bitch the whole time how impressive do not collect 200 dollaes go straight to jail lol

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