CDC Reports Everyone Doesn’t Need Drugs for New Flu


It seems that we can still rely on a big bowl of chicken noodle soup and a few over the counter drugs to keep us going during the flu season.  The Washington Post has released a report from the CDC that ensures that some of us won’t need the drugs if we are treated in enough time.

People were once scared that they would be in a line two miles long waiting for the antidote to the bubonic plague if the flu became an epidemic.  But it seems that the CDC is trying to avoid all of that.  According to the report, “About 70 percent of people hospitalized with the new flu strain have had conditions such as pregnancy, diabetes or emphysema that put them at risk for serious complications. For such people, treatment with an antiviral drug if they show signs of flu is “generally recommended.”

Read here to get more of the info you need to prepare you for flu season.

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