President Obama Speaks to School Children Today!

VP Biden & President Obama with school children
VP Biden & President Obama with school children

The President of the United States of America has never been accused of trying to “brainwash” America’s children with a speech.

The entire controversy over the President speaking to America’s youth is appalling and should not be tolerated by him or his administration.

This is a clear case of racism that is disrespectful to the office this man holds.  I have never heard of the President having to submit his speech prior to giving it just so “America” could look over it.

When did America get the right to edit the President’s speech or opt out? 

Bush’s entire administration is the archetype of what is unacceptable behavior after supposedly being educated and no one made a peep when he went to school and talked with the children.

Now I could understand if there was a meeting for all the kids with special needs that rode short yellow school buses.  When they get together, Bush should’ve been first in line to speak.  But not when the nation’s children are depending on a speech of intelligent content and enthusiasm.

One thing is for certain, the republicans sure no how to stick together and pull an agenda together.  Not the Dems.  The democrats are in charge and are still taking everything the republicans dish out with Van Jones’ resignation being just another example.

Read here to see how this speech has unfolded as the President prepares to speak to the children today.

-J.C. Brooks

9 thoughts on “President Obama Speaks to School Children Today!”

  1. J.C. Brooks is an ignorant Moron. The chip needs to be removed. The race card is a cop out and crutch that has been leaned on for too long.

  2. i don’t see the problem with the president addressing students and telling them to stay and school and focus on their education. the lack of focus on this very subject is the reason why students in other countries are much further ahead than our students…and we’re supposed to be the leaders of the free world? give me a break, people, the man is talking about getting an education, not telling folks to line up and drink the red kool-aid!

  3. “…is appalling and should not be tolerated by him or his administration.
    This is a clear case of racism…”

    I am Latin and I don’t want this man speaking to my children. I already went down to the school and opted out. This is America last I checked, not Cuba or N. Korea. Anything he says is indoctrination:
    “Here I (read politician) am guiding you into the right path.” NO THANK YOU!

    If you keep using the racist card it will stop having its sting, I know I don’t care anymore about being called a racist, because I know what it means now.

  4. WOW, I am not sure it the race card is fitting here either. However, it does appear that this administration is being closely watched. Every little thing he does is scrutinized. If the previous administrations were monitored this closely the lovely states of America would actually be united.. Healthcare, employment and education would be in better shape.. Instead this country is in the worse shape it has ever been in. Our children are suffering and the school systems do not appear to care, school administrators do not appear to care, so when the President of the un united States stands up to deliver a heartfelt word of encouragement to our children YOU want to opt out.. Some children will never receive life changing information, some believe the bubble they live in is as good as it gets. If they are not a rapper or a ball player they can never aspire to do more than what they are doing now. Give me a break..Carla and Sean, allow someone worthy of our children’s attention to grab it and get it blossoming again. Our current school system has failed us; our previous administrations have failed us, stop being afraid to allow someone to speak life into a lifeless situation. You are the ones who are narrow minded.. Our children are allowed to watched uncensored television shows, be impacted by lowlife persons in our communities, allowed to facebook, myspace and God knows what else they have allowed to form their thoughts and opinions, but something as positive as this is shot down at the gate.. GIVE me another break. Lastly, it is sad that this administration has to come in to an already defeated situation and no one wants to allow them a break.. WOW..

  5. It was sooo IGNORANT AND BIGOTED to keep ur kids out of school a whole day due to a 20min Pres. debate. Most of the ‘adults’…’parents’ dont even know what the speech was about or let alone went online to read it!!! He did not say anything contrary to what a good parent would say to their children. Be honest..U just didnt like the messenger. This country will never get any better. BUT when Reagan and BUSH spoke to kids…ppl ate that shyt up. Where was the CONTROVERSY in his speech…someone tell me please..what valid points can U name that was sooo wrong????

    Heads of the Rep Party condemned the speech before it was public…and alot of followers went along with it. GUESS WHAT?? those same REP leaders came back to say that it wasnt a bad speech..OMG!!! PHONY RAGE…!!!

  6. where was the controversy? my school wouldnt play the speech, because they thought it was to controversial, but where the heck is the controversy?

  7. This is not a race issue and by the extreme democrats saying so just simply proves how desperate they are in getting back the support of the American public. I have a serious issue when the President Obama is saying things along the lines of pledging their allegiance to him and not to their country. What he is trying to do IS brainwash the youth of America and this can not be allowed. I did not vote for him and I most certainly will not pledge my allegiance to him over my Country. This action coupled with his HORRIBLE health plan is proof that he should not be in office. Obama is ruining our country little by little and ONLY the blind devoted sheep that can not think for themselves would think he’s doing a good job in our highest office.

  8. HA!! @ Josh… WTh are u getting your information. Are u and all the other conspirators the only ones who got “plege ur allegience to Obama”.. Please enlighten me and others when and at what point did he do this. YOUR fellow REPUBLICAN Gingrich DID NOT have an issue with Obama’s speech.

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