Do Educated, Good Job Toting Black Women Have Chance for Families?


The short answer to the headline is No.  It’s not looking good out there for black women who have climbed to the mountaintop of their careers to only get a bird’s eye view at a nearly desolate wasteland of marriage and family.  According to a recent report from MSNBC, the experts believe that the pickings have become so slim for black women, not to mention unaccepted social graces in the black community (marrying outside of their race or having a child outside of wedlock), that even their plan B scenarios are disappearing.

Also in the report, they reveal the clear discrimination by black men over black women over who they are allowed to date.  While black men are free and clear to date all over planet earth and are accepted like Visa in most countries, black women don’t have the same carte blanche.   Other races aren’t as open to dating outside their race with black women.  It seems that men of all races have put an unsaid–and some ethnicities more than others are very vocal– lockdown on their women and who they allow them to date.

But aside from the report, what do you think is the real reason that social and career climbing black women don’t have the marriage and family they want?  And remember, this is not about women who DO NOT WANT to be married and/or have a family, this is only directed at those that do and are having trouble attaining their dream.

Read the report here and maybe you can discern whether they are on the mark or missing it altogether.

2 thoughts on “Do Educated, Good Job Toting Black Women Have Chance for Families?”

  1. After I read it, I felt that there was something not right about it. Yes the marriage outlook for educated black women is low and not to bright…but the reasons listed and the spirit of the article lacked authenticity and intimate understanding….then when I looked at the name and saw the author’s face it hit me…it’s a white guy commenting on black issues!!! Typical arrogant SOBs thinking they got us figured out still…so predictable…

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