NYC Bridge Left Vulnerable By Sleeping Guards (Video)


This story almost made it into our category of Jokey Jokes until the complexity of the sleeping guards photo was revealed during a news story on CNN.  The guard is sleeping in a booth on the George Washington Bridge which stretches from New Jersey into New York City. 

Joey Lepore, the owner of New York Bicycle Tours, travels the route routinely into NYC on his bike and he saw the guard sleeping in his booth quite peacefully on more than one occasion.  In an effort to not come off as a “jerk” the man stopped and talked with the guard one day explaining to him how he would have to alarm someone about his sleeping if he didn’t stop.  The guard assured him that there would never be a problem with him sleeping in the booth again…but his co-worker made no such deal.

The terror of terrorism is real and New Yorkers know firsthand from the most atrocious act on our turf, September 11th.  Our bridges are major points of interest to terrorists, so sleeping guards are no laughing matter.  The sleeping guard photo suddenly has no humor in it whatsoever.  The port authority obviously didn’t see the “jokey joke” either because they acted swiftly and abruptly with the guards.  Check out the report CNN put together.  -J.C. Brooks

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