MJ Finally At Rest and Under Lockdown


Michael Joseph Jackson is getting some much needed and earned peace today.  Yesterday, he was laid to rest during an evening service in the Great Mausoleum in Glendale, Calif.  Mausoleum…yeah…Mausoleum.  Something about the King of Pop being in a Mausoleum just sounds morbid.  Yes, he’s dead, but his energy will never die.

In this “mausoleum” he’s surrounded by some of America’s most classic actors of the movie industry:  Clark Gable, W.C. Fields, Erroll Flynn, Spencer Tracey, and Humphrey Bogart to name a few.  And maybe he’s happy with that, but with the exception of Sammy Davis, Jr., he’s the most fun that place has seen in eons.  I don’t mean any harm, but being surrounded by “classic” white men that are long before Michael Jackson’s era of super stardom might make me flinch just a little bit. 

But, you’ll be happy to know that the place is locked down tight.  People who even own plots in the place aren’t allowed to just tour and walk around loitering.  No way.  They have cameras and guards and a full pat down for visitors as well as plot holders.  The place is a regular Fort Knox.

The description in Time magazine of the Great Mausoleum is frilly and majestic.  It speaks like, “The Great Mausoleum takes its architectural inspiration from the Campo Santo in Genoa, Italy, and features 11 terraces, each named for a flower and filled with its own set of luminaries.”  High-brow touristy talk for the final resting place of, arguably, the finest entertainer the world has ever seen just makes it a little less warm and meaningful.

But, one little tidbit that the article reveals is that Michael Jackson had a replica of the Last Supper in the Neverland Ranch where he was Jesus and around his table his disciples were “Walt Disney, Elvis Presley, John F. Kennedy and Albert Einstein.”  Interesting…to say the least.  His entertainment, politics, and level of genius. 

Rest in peace Michael.  My wish is that you would have been able to smell more of your flowers as you lived.  But, it is of great solace knowing that FINALLY you rest and are at peace.

-J.C. Brooks

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