61-Year Old Man Slaps Woman’s 2-year Old In Wal-mart

Roger Stephens, 61
Roger Stephens, 61

The headline is correct!  You are not seeing things.  Don’t kill the messenger black women, but what would you do if someone walked up behind you in Wal-mart and slapped the taste out of your 2-year old daughter’s mouth?  But prior to slapping her, he walks up to you and says, “If you don’t shut her up, I will.” 

The child was crying and the mother was walking with her down the aisle.  Surely, the woman was already pissed off with the child crying and trying to shop and being embarrassed.  By the time the man could’ve walked up on my mother and said that, he would’ve got slapped repeatedly.  This man slapped her child 4 to 5 times.  Just watch the video!  I’m getting mad thinking about the incident:

14 thoughts on “61-Year Old Man Slaps Woman’s 2-year Old In Wal-mart”

  1. Okay wait. WTF!!!!!! Had that been my child, there would have been no way this man would have walked out of the store. OMG!! The audacity of people

  2. This 61 year old man is a crazy fool! How would he like it if someone slapped his 2 year old daughter or grand child. Obviously he doesn’t have kids. He’s lucky that he hit the “right one”, because if he had hit my baby or grand child, he would have seen a “Mad Black Woman” kicking his A–. No doubt. Then when I finished my husband and all his boys would have finished him OFF. He seriously has some anger problems that he need to be locked down, until he realize this.

  3. In all sincerity…..this HAD to have happened to a white woman…….I can’t even begin to tell you what would have happened to this ugly man had he hit my 2-year old…or any other age!!!!!!! I just have one thing more to say: Ask me if he can meet me on the corner of Holbrook & Hoffman Streets in Baltimore City. I have some people I want to introduce him to! Oh, Mr. Dave says he’ll come where he is!!!!

  4. Let that have been my baby!I would have to the the silverwear ile and went bloody jason on him!That would have been his last slap!This is horrible!He hit the right baby……he really did.

  5. if that was my child, she would be the last chid he ever slaps, i would chop his hand off….

  6. When my woman told me about this I thought for sure she was making it up but now I see. It was the funniest damn thing I had ever heard in my life and all I could wonder was, ‘what the hell was mom doing while this was happening to her child?!’ LMAO

  7. white trash, man.. They’re like animals. You just never know what they’ll do next.

  8. well we know his name and we know where he lives.. I’m up for some vigilante justice.. what about you all? 😀

  9. What would I have done? First, he wouldn’t have gotten close enough. Second his a$$ would’ve been on the end of my punches (forget slapping him)to even want to tell me some bulls–t like that. I have two, grown middle-aged children and three grandchildren. Try whatever you want with me, but with the five I just mentioned – death becomes you, and I wouldn’t mind serving the time.

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