Whitney Performs Live and Misses Notes Because of Oprah? (Video)


Whitney Houston sang live yesterday morning in Central Park for her first public appearance in years.  Her performance was loved, as usual, with the exception of a couple of missed notes.

But, the pop diva kept it movin’ and her adoring fans filled in for her.  She looked good and she explained to the public that she performed on Oprah’s show on Monday and her voice was strained.

“I should be singing when I’m talking,” she said. 

But, as you will see on this amateur recording of the performance, the fans stood out there for the four songs as if they were in the middle of 1992 and The Bodyguard was at the theatre and she was at the height of her career.

If it were nightfall they would’ve had cigarette lighters burning.  Depending on when you see this, the performance will air … or will have already aired on Good Morning America today at 8am.

Go Whitney!  Glad to see you coming back.  Slowly, but surely, and with grace.

Check her out:

One thought on “Whitney Performs Live and Misses Notes Because of Oprah? (Video)”

  1. Wishing Whitney the best with her comeback but gotta give the fans props for helping her out with that one! 😮

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